Sussex Brewery
Hepworth & Co Brewers Ltd

Draught Beers

Iron Horse @ 4.8% is a premium bitter handcrafted from a complex grist of roasted malts and English hops.  Densely flavoured and very satisfying.  The crystal malt gives a caramel sweetness.  


Prospect, our  organic pale ale is  4.5% abv,  flavoured with Sussex grown barley and Golding and Admiral  hops.

Blonde, our organic lager is made with English barley,  Admiral hops and German yeast. The hops deliver a floral note to the brew and the purity of flavour is protected by meticulous cold filtrationA long powerful brew with a firm body and luxuriant head.  Available in 50 litre and 30 litre kegs @ 5% abv.


Using barley and hops grown in our home county, Hepworth’s Sussex is a traditional pale ale at 3.6% abv with a full flavour and hoppy character. True Sussex Ale

Pullman @ 4.2% abv is a First Class bitter with a crisp bite balanced with a silky finish.  Brewed with Admiral & Golding hops,   Pullman is a luxurious ale to be enjoyed on its own or with fine food. 

All cask beers can be bought in 20 litre polypins.


Declared Supreme Champion Keg Beer by SIBA, Conqueror Stout is a sumptuous stout where the roasted barley character from the crystal malt. is balanced with bitterness from Sussex grown Admiral hops. Simply a feast of flavour and very smooth.





A satisfying 4% alc. full bodied lager brewed to traditional German Purity laws using

four hop varieties

Local drinkers can try our keg beers at  The Lamb at Lamb's Green (Saxon, Blonde and Conqueror)



Traditional stock ale primed with molasses. Dark and malty with a depth of flavours. A real winter warmer...